To participate the contest; implement the phases below in order.

  • 1. Before participating our contest; check the contest rules below (please click on the title to open the tab) and be sure your application is according to the rules first. Non-observant applications will not be accepted to our contest.

    Contest Rules

    • Our contest subject is only freshwater planted aquarium design.
    • Everyone who has a planted aquarium can participate the contest.
    • Participating the contest has no fee.
    • One person can participate the contest with three different works at most.
    • Works that were submitted to our contest in early years will not be accepted.
    • In case of more than one person submitted with the same design or be noticed the design belongs to someone else, will be asked to the applicants to prove the design belongs to themselves. Unprovable designs are disqualified.
    • There is no drawback that the submitted work to the contest also published on the internet and/or submitted to another contest.
    • Application period is given at "About" page. Applications will not be accepted except this period.
    Rules About Photography
    • Submitting to the contest with only one piece of general view image for one work.
    • General view image must be shoot right across the tank (centering the front glass, without angle) and from a distance that involves the whole tank at least from the water surface. Excess around the tank will be cropped by us. We suggest you to view related examples for a right exposure.
    • Only images in JPEG format (*.jpg, *.jpeg) will be accepted to the contest.
    • Image resolution must be at least 1000 pixels on the long side. It should not be forgatten that the tank's visibility in detail and clear enough provides a better evaluation.
    • Image processing like sharpening, colour and light correction for the whole image is free.
    • In image processing; it is forbidden to make a change (create out of nothing, wipe out, increase or decrease etc.) on any element (plant, fish, decor, material etc.) which is included in evaluation criteria. If making changes like that be noticed in application period, submission will be refused and asked a proper photograph; if it is noticed after the deadline, application be disqualified.
  • 2. Evaluation in our contest consist of two stages;

    At first stage, volunteer jury select their personal top 30 aquascapes. Works which are selected by at least two volunteer jury members can pass the stage one.

    At second stage, works evaluate by jury on the scale of total 100 points according to the criteria given below (please click on the title to open the tab).

    Evaluation Criteria

    Naturality (maximum 25 points)

    Defines the harmony between materials and livings used in the aquascape in terms of form, speciality, texture and colour and forming the decoration in accordance with natural formations.

    For example; bending and lying angels of driftwood on stones, texture and colour transitions between rocks and pebbles/sand or adjacent plants and plant groups are the subjects can be evaluated under naturality criteria.

    Design (maximum 35 points)

    Defines layout situation from technical aspect. Researches made on nature and human nature, sense, beauty and aesthetics since time immemorial; caused to exist some design principles accepted in branches of visual arts. These can be lined up as space occupancy ratio, form&shape, golden ratio, focus, symmetry-asymmetry, lines, rhythm, colour usage, balance, depth, light usage and composition in planted aquarium design.

    Usage of these principles how successful and in harmony between them is examined under this criteria.

    Health (maximum 25 points)

    Defines general health of the ecosystem. Condition and charasteristic adaptation of the livings (plants, invertebrates, fish etc.), general health of the system (algae issues, clarity of water, suitability of equipments etc.) are taken up under this criteria.

    Originality (maximum 15 points)

    Defines features which separate the design from others and easy on the eye. Extraordinary decoration or creature, superior depth of field, different color use are some of the subjects can be evaluated under this criteria.

    Do not forget; it may enough to pass stage one if you have a good looking aquascape but for stage two, accordance of your design to the criteria will take an important role in it's success.

  • 3. When your aquascape is ready, take it's photograph according to the rules and edit the photograph (optional). Non-observant taking and/or editing photographs will not be accepted to our contest (please check the contest rules above).

  • 4. Click the link below for "Online Application Page" on the dates of application.


  • 5. Within three working days after examination of the application by us;

    • If the application is proper; information e-mail about validating will be sent to the applicant.
    • If a problem is found; information e-mail about the problem will be sent to the applicant and validate only after correcting it and resubmitting the application by the applicant.*

      * If a problem occurs about the applications made at the final day; applicant must be correct it and compelete the application within one day.