We observe as Reeflowers, planted aquariums are becoming more popular and spreading in national and international platforms day by day. Correspondingly many countries organize contests on designing planted aquariums. Those designs, conspicuous by their beauty, contribute spreading aquarium hobby and growing the sector.

Therefore, we aimed to contribute development of the aquarium sector in Turkey and the world by organizing this contest under the guidance of Mustafa Erdoğar who has been taking various roles in international contests (participant, jury member, substructure consultant) for years and prepared the substructure of Turkey's first international quality contest: ADist Planted Aquarium Design Contest.


  • First Place, Grand Prize
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Fourth Place
  • Fifth Place
  • 5000 TRY, Plate
  • 3000 TRY, Plate
  • 1000 TRY, Plate
  • 500 TRY
  • 300 TRY

2019 Contest Calendar

Application Evaluation Results
01 June - 27 August 01 September - 29 October November


Our jury consist of precious aquascapers (who has proved themselves by aquascapes they designed in national and international areas) and notables of the sector.

Muharrem Çeribaş - Reeflowers CEO

He was born in 1976, İstanbul. He has been interested in aquariums from eight years old. In 1995, he gravitated to saltwater world and consantrated on that field. Muharrem Çeribaş who worked as finance manager at a private company after finished his education; has been continuing his business life as Reeflowers CEO since 2009.

Eren Yelkenci - Reeflowers Co-Founder

Born in 1982; computer engineer. Yelkenci Group CEO Eren Yelkenci (who has been in textile sector for 12 years) has been interested in aquariums from early ages and established Reeflowers with Muharrem Çeribaş in 2009.

Mustafa Erdoğar - Contest Organizer, Pro Aquascaper, Volunteer Jury

Mustafa Erdoğar ( born in 1981, Eskişehir) who's completed his education in “Environmental Engineering” and “Department of Business”, continued his aquarium hobby with planted aquariums and became specialized by working on aquatic plant ecosystems in 2004. Early 2008, aquascaping works he saw, directed him to spend all his time and energy for this art joining with his visual skills and abilities. Mustafa Erdoğar's (who is jury member of international contests and has many articles and translations about aquariums, aquascaping and aquatic ecosystems) aquascapes was granted awards&certificates many times. In addition, he took an active role in designing many world-famous award winning aquascapes and contributed to spread aquascaping by getting on various media organs in Turkey and foreign countries through nonprofessional “ADist” group which was established by Mustafa Erdoğar and his aquascaper friends in 2010.

Mustafa Erdoğar has started to work with international aquarium and pond additives manifacturer “Reeflowers” as Art Director and Project Consultant since 2015. Now, beside working with Reeflowers; he is projecting natural designs, organising workshops, seminars and courses in collaboration with various companies in outland and inland.

Gary Wu – Pro Aquascaper, Volunteer Jury

Age: 56 years old
Location – City and Country: Hong Kong, PRC
Occupations: Project Manager

- More than fifteen years aquascaping experience with graphic design and photography background. Like to explore new idea on nature aquascaping.
- On 2006, Co-founder of a pineer aquascaper group Creative Aquascape Union
- On 2011 publish "Aquascape - A piece of Living Art" in English and Chinese version

2015-18 IIAC Aquascaping Contest Judge
2011-2018 CBAP Brazilian Aquascaping Contest Judge
2011-2012 ROAPLC Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Judge
2009-2011 ASE International Aquascaping Contest Judge
2011 Poland The Best Nature Aquarium's Design Judge
2009 France CAPA Judge

2010 IAPLC 20th place, 2009 AGA (Extra Large) 3rd Place, 2008 AGA (Extra Large) 2nd Place, 2006 China CNFISH Aquascape Contest 1st Place, 2005 AGA (Medium) 3rd Place, IAPLC 30th place

Serkan Çetinkol - Pro Aquascaper

Born in 1984, Lüleburgaz. Serkan Çetinkol who has been interested in aquarium hobby from his childhood, setup his first planted aquarium in 2004. In the following years, he performed many works with ADist group. He made attempts for development of aquascaping with seminars, magazine articles, interviews, workshops, shows, contest etc. International awards: Eastern European Planted (E.E.P.) Aquarium Design Contest 2013 1° -  IAPLC 2013 17° - IAPLC 2014 10° - AGA 2011 3° - AGA 2011 Honorable - Ibac 2011  3° - EAPLC 2015 7° - IIAC 2015 25° Experiences as jury member: Dennerle Scaper’s Contest, Dennerle Nano Contest, ADist 2012-2013

Today Serkan Çetinkol (who has a collection of aquatic moss more than 40 varieties), established www.mossdepo.com to continue his study in that field.

Frederic Fuss - Pro Aquascaper, Volunteer Jury

Lives in Hamburg/Germany with his girlfriend and daughter. He has started Aquascaping very late in 2012 and he immediately felt that was what he was missing all those years before. He was always interested in art and felt a huge love for nature, but it did not came into his mind to create a new artform which combines both passions.

Enterprises: • Founder of "Nordic Scapers Group" • Founder and Manager of "Aquariumdesign" • Founder of "Nordic Scapers Hardscape Challenge (NSHC)" • Founder of "Wabi Kusa Challenge (Now called Miniswamps)" • Founder of "Aquascaping Academy" • Co-Host at "simonsaquascapeblog.com"

Achievements: • Top Ten of Nano Category in "AGA Contest 2015" • Rank 1 at "EAPLC 2015" • Rank 4 at "EAPLC 2014" • Top Ten at "GAPLC 2013" • Rank 3 at "ASX2 Blog Fotocontest"

Jury: • IIAC 2016 • WAC 2016 • NSHC 2015&2016 • WBC 2016 • Austrian Aquascaping Awards 2016

Andrew M. Senske - Pro Aquascaper

Evgenia Moiseeva - Pro Aquascaper, Volunteer Jury

Head of an interior design studio and an aquarium design studio. Participant of international aquascaping contests. Prizewinner of Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013, 2016 and DENNERLE Nano Cube® Contest 2013. Author of articles on aquarium design. Member of the jury of different aquarium contests.

She regularly conducts master classes on design of aquascapes and biotope aquaria.

Timuçin Sağel - Pro Aquascaper

Timuçin Sağel (İstanbul born, 1980) began aquarium hobby in the 90's. His meeting with aquascaping came true by establishment of ADist group in 2010. Ensuing years, with successes like IAPLC 2011 - 16°, IAPLC 2012 - 15° IAPLC 2013 - 10°, AGA 2012 - Honorable (200-320L), AGA 2013 - 2° (200-320L), Ibac 2011 - 1°, Eastern European Planted (E.E.P.) Aquarium Design Contest 2013. - 3°, E.E.P. Aquarium Design Contest (referendum) 2013. - 1°, he is continuing his hobby with ADist group.

Piotr Mierzejewski - Pro Aquascaper, Volunteer Jury

Piotr was born in 1975 and lives with his family in a beautifully situated part of Poland - the Masurian Lake District. He has a special passion for aquascaping and nature photography, which is shown through numerous contests he partook in, such as: AGA Aquascaping Contest, Scaper’s Tank Contest, The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, Ista IIAAC Contest, Planted Aquarium Design Contest and many more local ones.

What's more, in 2015 on the pages of "The Aquatic Gardener" Luca Galarraga made an interview with him on the subject of nature photography and its' uses in creating hardscapes.

Piotr also has experience in judging. Contests in which he was a part of the jury are as follows: Nordic Scapers Hardscape Challenge (NSHC), CAL Aqua Labs and roslinyakwariowe.pl (CALRA).

N. Batuhan Bayram - Pro Aquascaper

1976, Rize Born. He began hobby by feeding goldfish in an aquarium which his father bought in 1984. He setup different styles of planted aquariums and paludariums in time. He was interested in Malawi, Central America and Amazon fish species. He began to attend international contests with the nano tank made by ADist.

Tevfik Uslu - Awarded Aquascaper, Volunteer Jury

Tevfik Uslu who was born in İstanbul, 1965 met planted aquariums and aquascaping in 2008. Ensuing years, he presented his researches and experiences about planted aquariums and aquascaping to hobbyists for development of those branches by tens of articles. Tevfik Uslu began to attend international contests until 2009 and took his first award in 2010.